Tuesday, October 13
Interlink announces strategic partnership with RegistryASP

Interlink appoints RegistryASP as the backend technology provider for new gTLD initiatives.

Tokyo, Japan – Interlink Co (‘Interlink’) of Japan has entered into a strategic partnership with Malaysian-based RegistryASP for provisioning of new gTLD registry solutions and services

The partnership leverages on the strength of both parties as Interlink – a leading community Internet Service Provider and domain name registrar – is the organizer of World Domain Cup that takes the Internet community by storm; while RegistryASP – a division within Qinetics Solutions Berhad (‘Qinetics’) is a leading technology provider for backend domain name registry services, consultancy service and international marketing expertise.

"We are very upbeat with our prospects of new gTLDs as we have received thousands of entries for World Domain Cup”, said Tad Yokoyama, the CEO of Interlink. “Having RegistryASP as a proven, accommodating and responsive partner will allow us to focus fully in formulating and executing the best strategies for the World Domain Cup", he added.

"We are very glad to be in this partnership of strength, as Interlink will storm the domain name market as a very creative and aggressive player”, said TK Tan, the CEO of Qinetics. “We are very keen to partner with aspiring applicants of new gTLDs who would count on our proven experience in provisioning registry services in both ASCII and IDN domain names"he continued.

Interlink and RegistryASP will be sponsoring the upcoming ICANN meeting Seoul on October 25 to October 30. Both companies will joint effort in the ‘Asia:The Future’ initiative to promote and advocate Asian Internet communities to participate in the new gTLD application.

About Interlink

Interlink, a leading Internet service provider in Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1995. Interlink started providing domain name registration as a reseller in 2000 and was accredited by ICANN as a domain name registrar in 2006. Today, Interlink is one the top fixed IP allocation service providers in Japan and provides domain name registration service of more than 82 top level domain name extension in Japan. In June 2009, Interlink launched the World Domain Cup (http://www.WorldDomainCup.com) , the first contest on the new gTLDs

About RegistryASP

RegistryASP, a division within Qinetics Solution Berhad, has over 7 years experience in registry solutions and services, serving registries and registrars worldwide. RegistryASP’s flagship product – RegistryASP Shared Registry-Registrar System (SRS) is an adaptive and proven software and systems architecture solution for domain name registration systems. It is an ideal solution for gTLD and ccTLD registries and registrars who demand great flexibility for complex business processes and policies and at the same time adhere to international standards and practices.